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Launching the project “Snoezelen, an innovative approach”

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Launching the project “Snoezelen, an innovative approach”

Beginning with 15th of July 2013 Tottoro Association, in partnership with P.A.V.E.L. Association and Swiss International Snoezelen Association are implementing the project “Snoezelen, an innovative approach”, co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union within Swiss – Romanian Cooperation Programme.

The Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme is one of the cooperation programmes between Switzerland and new members of the European Union. All the programmes constitute the Swiss Contribution to reducing the social and economic disparities in the enlarged European Union.

The duration of project “Snoezelen, an innovative approach” is 18 months and aims to increase the access of children with special needs to social services by providing Snoezelen therapy in order to increase their quality of life and promote their social inclusion.

The project will train 12 volunteers in providing Snoezelen therapy for two groups of beneficiaries: 300 children with cancer, hospitalized or outpatient treatment in the Oncopediatic department of Oncologic Institute „Prof.dr.Alex. Trestioreanu” from Bucharest and 60 children with intellectual disabilities from two special schools from Bucharest.

Volunteers training in Snoezelen therapy will be provided by our Swiss partner, David Groupe, experienced therapist and trainner, President of Swiss International Snoezelen Association. The course that is offered is international certificate.

Within the project will be completly furnished three Snoezelen areas for the therapy with the expertise from Swiss partner: two fixed areas (one in Oncopediatric department of Oncologic Institute „Prof.dr.Alex. Trestioreanu” for P.A.V.E.L. Association beneficiaries and one for TOTTORO Association) and one mobile space for use in two schools with children with special needs from Bucharest. Investing in creating therapy rooms ensure sustainability beyond the life of the project and increase the availability and access to Snoezelen therapy.

One hundread of the children included in the project will receive 15 cycles of Snoezelen therapy sessions and will be monitored for the applied research regarding the benefits of this therapy. Instruments of observation and monitoring are provided by our partner, Swiss International Snoezelen Association, approved by the Humboldt University from Berlin, Germany and are available in English and will be translated and adapted into Romanian. Therapists will be supervised at all times while they offere therapy sessions by the Snoezelen therapy expert and the project manager.

The general objectives of therapy are to improve quality of life and mental state, awareness and interaction with the environment, to improve life skills, autonomy and social development, to improve concentration and attention, to improve communication skills.

The 100 beneficiaries of the project will form a representative group of research conducted in the project, its results will be disseminated in the seminar that will be attended by a minimum of 30 guests, in publications and conferences.

To increase social inclusion, recipients will participate in five workshops, common with children without diagnosis, to improve life skills.

The total eligible cost of the project is 74 435.09 CHF of which 10% is contributed by the implementers.

Contact: Asociația Tottoro

Str. Apusului, nr. 79, sector 6, București

Tel. +4 0751 088 396




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